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Agreement Parties
68024 T Ottawa, 68116 V Dousman 
Boundary Agreement Name
Municipal Boundary Agreement - Town of Ottawa and Village of Dousman 
Boundary Agreement Type
Stipulation and Order, 66.0225 
Date Filed
Date Approved
Effective Date
Estimated Final Transfer Date
Included Acres
Referendum Required
Ordinance ID
Agreement to resolve annexation litigation, establish an ultimate boundary line between the communities, specify procedures for future Village annexations and extension of Village sewer and water service, and the potential for other shared services such as fire protection and EMS, police protection, public works, planning, parks, and development of a joint trail system. The agreement permits Village annexations within the ultimate boundary line but prohibits annexations beyond the ultimate boundary, as well as the exercise of extraterritorial authority. The agreement's term appears to be unspecified.