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Agreement Parties
30006 T Paris, 30241 C Kenosha, 30182 V Somers 
Boundary Agreement Name
2017 City of Kenosha/Village of Somers/Town of Somers/Town of Paris/County of Kenosha/Kenosha Water Utility/Village of Somers Water Utility/Village of Somers Sewerage District/County Highway Commissioner Cooperative Plan and Intergovernmental Agreement und 
Boundary Agreement Type
Cooperative Boundary Plan, 66.0307 
Date Filed
Date Approved
Effective Date
Estimated Final Transfer Date
Included Acres
Referendum Required
Ordinance ID
The City, Village, and Town developed the Cooperative Plan to settle litigation, enable municipal services such as sewer and water to be extended to the I-94 corridor, and make it possible for each of the Communities to benefit from I-94 corridor development. The Cooperative Plan is one of a number of intergovernmental agreements which was developed as part of a larger Master Agreement under sections 66.0301, 66.0305, and 66.0307 Wisconsin Statutes. This Cooperative Plan expressly voids the 2016 Village of Somers and Town of Paris Intergovernmental Agreement, #10732, as well as the subsequent attachment of Paris territory made pursuant to this voided agreement, attachment #10549 and #10652.