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14360Jefferson28226 C Fort Atkinson28016 T KoshkonongHornickel11/20/2020In ProcessYes21.28
14359Rock54257 C Milton54026 T MiltonMcNall Revocable Trust et al11/20/2020In ProcessYes0114.60
14358Marathon37151 V Marathon City37054 T MarathonSt Matthews Congregation11/20/2020In ProcessYes027.29
14357Dane13281 C Stoughton13052 T RutlandKettle Park West11/10/2020In Public Interest - CommentsYes04.01
14356Dane13281 C Stoughton13052 T RutlandJunction 138 LLC11/06/2020In Public Interest - No CommentsYes01.101
14355Winnebago71121 V Fox Crossing71010 T NeenahSturgis11/06/2020In Public Interest - No CommentsYes016.581
14354Eau Claire18221 C Eau Claire18024 T WashingtonYang11/06/2020In Public Interest - No CommentsYes70.701
14353Winnebago71261 C Neenah71010 T NeenahTown of Neenah11/05/2020WithdrawnYes0113.201
14352Sheboygan60271 C Plymouth60016 T PlymouthPlymouth Intwergenerational Coalition11/05/2020In Public Interest - No CommentsYes07.071
14351Dane13157 V Mount Horeb13054 T SpringdaleKwik Trip11/05/2020In Public Interest - CommentsYes011.841
14350La Crosse32265 C Onalaska32020 T OnalaskaWhited11/05/2020In Public Interest - No CommentsYes00.471
14349Manitowoc36251 C Manitowoc36020 T Manitowoc RapidsTadych11/04/2020In Public Interest - CommentsYes20.931
14348Eau Claire18221 C Eau Claire18022 T UnionEisenhuth11/04/2020In Public Interest - No CommentsYes21.001
14347Outagamie45241 C Kaukauna45006 T BuchananKillian Enterprise10/22/2020In Public Interest - CommentsYes00.581
14346Fond du Lac20161 V North Fond du Lac20018 T Fond du LacHaensgen10/22/2020In Public Interest - No CommentsYes30.571