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10745Cooperative Boundary Plan, 66.0307Washington67014 T Jackson, 67141 V JacksonMediated Cooperative Plan Agreement Between the Village and Town of Jackson12/04/2017 1
10744General intergovernmental agreement, 66.0301Eau Claire18024 T Washington, 18201 C AltoonaIntergovernmental Agreement03/12/2018 1
10743General intergovernmental agreement, 66.0301Dane13062 T Verona, 13286 C VeronaCity of Verona - Town of Verona Intergovernmental Agreement  1
10742General intergovernmental agreement, 66.0301Sauk57030 T Reedsburg, 57276 C ReedsburgIntermunicipal Cooperation Agreement between the City of Reedsburg and the Town of Reedsburg02/02/201819712.001
10741General intergovernmental agreement, 66.0301Sauk57010 T Excelsior, 57276 C ReedsburgIntermunicipal Cooperation Agreement between the City of Reedsburg and the Town of Excelsior02/02/201821760.001
10740General intergovernmental agreement, 66.0301Sauk57042 T Winfield, 57276 C ReedsburgIntermunicipal Cooperation Agreement between the City of Reedsburg and the Town of Winfield02/02/201722681.001
10739Cooperative Boundary Plan, 66.0307Polk49042 T Osceola, 49116 V DresserVillage of Dresser-Town of Osceola Cooperative Plan09/25/2017 1
10738Cooperative Boundary Plan, 66.0307Kenosha30006 T Paris, 30241 C Kenosha, 30182 V Somers2017 City of Kenosha/Village of Somers/Town of Somers/Town of Paris/County of Kenosha/Kenosha Water Utility/Village of Somers Water Utility/Village of Somers Sewerage District/County Highway Commissioner Cooperative Plan and Intergovernmental Agreement und10/25/2017 1
10737Cooperative Boundary Plan, 66.0307Fond du Lac20008 T Byron, 20016 T Empire, 20018 T Fond du Lac, 20022 T Friendship, 20040 T Taycheedah, 20226 C Fond du LacCooperative Plan between the City of Fond du Lac and Towns of Byron, Empire, Fond du Lac, Friendship, and Taycheedah04/25/2017 1
10736Cooperative Boundary Plan, 66.0307Dane13196 V Windsor, 13118 V De ForestFirst Amendment to Village of DeForest/Village of Windsor Cooperative Plan03/15/201719712.001
10735Cooperative Boundary Plan, 66.0307Trempealeau62006 T Burnside, 62020 T Lincoln, 62241 C IndependenceTown of Lincoln and Town of Burnside/City of Independence Cooperative Plan03/24/2015 1
10734Cooperative Boundary Plan, 66.0307Kenosha30012 T Salem, 30181 V Silver LakeTown of Salem & Village of Silver Lake Cooperative Plan09/06/201621600.001
10733General intergovernmental agreement, 66.0301Monroe42040 T Sparta, 42176 V RocklandBoundary Agreement Between the Village of Rockland and the Town of Sparta  1
10732General intergovernmental agreement, 66.0301Kenosha30006 T Paris, 30182 V SomersIntergovernmental Cooperation Agreement Between the Town of Paris and Village of Somers 2572.001
10731General intergovernmental agreement, 66.0301Winnebago71008 T Menasha, 71121 V Fox CrossingIntergovernmental Cooperation Agreement Between Village of Fox Crossing and Town of Menasha 2195.001